Mrs. Brown 1997

  Mrs.BrownThe film tells the story of Queen Victoria (played by Dame Judi Dench) and her relationship with a Scottish servant, John Brown (played by comedian Billy Connolly), and the subsequent uproar it provoked. Brown had been a trusted servant of Victoria’s then deceased consort, Prince Albert; Victoria’s chief servants thought Brown might help to ease the Queen’s deep, apparently inconsolable, grief over the prince consort’s death in 1861. To help ease the Queen toward resuming public life after years of secluded mourning, Brown is summoned to court… more of the Wikipedia articleJudi Dench won Best Actress for BAFTA and Golden Globes and was nominated for Best Actress for Academy Awards and SAG Awards. Billy Connelly was nominated for BAFTA best supporting actor.This is one of my favourite films – I loved watching how the relationship evolved between Queen Victoria and Mr.Brown and how he drew her out of her mourning over Prince Albert.


Source: Enchanted Serenity of Period Films: Mrs. Brown

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