Rise of Empires: Ottoman ***Jan 24, 2020 Netflix

Ottoman starts January 24th on Netflix

We already had an epic series on this particular Turkish sultan two years ago but it wasn’t overly successful and got cancelled after five or six episodes, but now Turkish Netflix is ready to launch new series RISE OF EMPIRES: OTTOMAN which is a mix of docu series and a scripted one. Starting on Netflix from January 24th in 190 countries around the world, this new historical documentary will follow Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II who wages an epic campaign to take the

The six part series is a mix of documentary and scripted scenes

Byzantine capital of Constantinople and shapes the course of history for centuries. This event is celebrated in Turkey as the highlight of their history,

Cem Yigit Uzumoglu plays one of the darkest figures in mediaeval history

but in Europe it was a dark moment when the last barriers against their invasion fell announcing many centuries of Ottomans’ bloody rule in Southern Europe, a rule marked by death, rape, slavery, genocide and gruesome tyranny.

What’s The Story About?
Directed by Emmy Award winning Emre Şahin and written by Celal Şengör, Liz Lake, Kelly McPherson and Emrah Safa Gürkan, the series sees young Turkish superstar Cem Yiğit Üzümoğlu portraying the infamous

The sultan was just 21 years old when he conquered Constantinople

sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, while Tuba Büyüküstün appears as famous Serbian princess Despina Mara who, as one of sultan Murad II’s wives, took care of him after his mother died and then helped him later on secure the

Tuba Buyukustun plays Serbian princess Mara who was forced to marry her country’s mortal enemy Murad II in order to become a sultana and secure peace for her country threatened by the Ottoman empire

throne for himself. Tommaso Basili plays Emperor Constantine XI, while Tolga Tekin portrays Mehmed’s father Sultan Murad II! Charles Dance is narrating the six part documentary which launches on the streaming service

Tomasso Basili plays Byzantine Emperor Constantine XI

next week bringing the epic 15th-century story of Mehmed II, known as Mehmed the Conqueror, which chronicles his astonishing and fabled rise from 13-year-old Child Sultan to toppling Constantinople in 1453 at the age of 21

The series was shot in English, although not very good as you can hear in the trailer

and becoming the ruler of the Ottoman Empire. The series also features historians including Roger Crowley and Jason Goodwin who give their in-depth analysis.



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