Desperate Romantics 2009

Aidan Turner in Desperate Romantics

Finding little description of this 6 part series, I have included a synopsis of the first episode



Period drama set in London about the rise of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

Fred Walters introduces the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Millais and William Holman Hunt, to their perfect model: hat shop girl Lizzie Siddal. Fred persuades Lizzie’s parents to allow her to model for the Brotherhood, using his mother to vouch for them. After being rejected by the Royal Academy, the Brotherhood decide to stage an exhibition of their own, and invite influential art critic John Ruskin to attend. Ruskin, who has previously rejected their work, is finally persuaded of their promise, and his encouragement silences their other critics, including the establishment figures who run the Academy.


Release Date – Poldark Season 2 is back on telly

Poldark on Horse

Poldark and its dreamy star Aidan Turner are on their way back to the BBC, and now we now the exact date series two of the show begins.

The upcoming ten-episode run of the romantic, Cornwall-set period drama, which previously drew in 9.5million viewers, begins on September 4. Cancel everything and dump your real-life boyfriend NOW.

Aidan is currently in line to become the next Bond, but seeing as there is also a third series of the popular programme planned, we doubt he’ll be running off to battle Blofeld just yet.

Cressida Bonas's 'unofficial step-sister' to join Poldark as new cast revealed Gabriella Wilde is to join the cast of Poldark for its second series, as Aidan Turner and co return to Cornwall
Aidan Turner was frequently seen without a shirt in the first series (Picture: BBC)

MORE: Poldark’s Aidan Turner says his ‘scariest day’ on set involved a porn actor

The story looks set to run and run, and Elizabeth Kilgarriff, the executive producer of Poldark, previously  told The Guardian: ‘Series two promises to take the audience on another fantastic roller coaster ride and we’re thrilled to know that the story won’t end there.’

We’ve already learned that John Nettles, Gabriella Wilde and Hugh Skinner are joining the cast, and we’ve seen the first official picture from the second series, which shows Ross Poldark proudly posing on a horse – fully-clothed.

Indeed, Poldark’s writer Debbie Horsfield previously revealed Ross won’t be getting his kit off in this new series, or at least that we won’t be seeing him doing much topless scything. Sigh.


Whether this will dent the popularity of the 18th-century-set drama, also starring Eleanor Tomlinson as Poldark’s former maid and new wife Demelza, remains to be seen.

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‘Poldark’ Season 2 Spoilers: Synopsis Released; Aidan Turner’s Ross Poldark To Face More Troubles?

Many await “Poldark” season 2. As pictures from the upcoming season have made their way online, a synopsis from the upcoming season has released some real good information about what fans can expect from it. Going by the synopsis, Ross Poldark’s future does not look bright at all.

In the previous season, Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) started to build his life from scratch after he discovered that everything his father or family ever owned was no more. He was stripped of his love Elizabeth who got engaged to his cousin. He practically owned nothing except for the house he lived in.

He started to venture out, started his mine, fell in love again and tragedy hit him when his daughter died and he was convicted for some crime. According to the synopsis, the upcoming season will only add to these problems, as Ross will have to further face new challenges laid in front of him.

CarterMatt reported that according to the synopsis, Ross must fight once again for his mines and for his freedom. George Warleggan desperately tries to steal his mine and get him hanged as a revolutionary. Going by the troubles Ross is in, it now will depend on his wife Demelza to get him out of trouble.

Also, since the Poldark cousins (Ross and Francis) are down with debt, they unite themselves against George Warleggan to start a mine, which is free of him. The synopsis, however, added another angle to the story. It stated that Ross and Elizabeth’s feelings for each other will also pop up and this time it will be hard for them to repress it.

With what happened in the previous season one finale, hopefully, the Poldark family will be able to find some stability and there will not be as much deaths as there was in the previous season.

The Week added what “Poldark” star Aidan Turner said about the upcoming season. According to the Irish hunk, season two will be huge. This time around, fans will be able to enjoy ten episodes instead of previous season’s eight episodic run.

Apart from the mega success of “Poldark,” Aidan Turner has also been hailed as one of the top contenders for the role of James Bond. However, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Desperate Romantics 2009 – A BBC Classic

This BBC miniseries brings to life the daring work and tempestuous love lives of the Pre-Raphaelites, a group of 19th-century British artists and playboys who yearned to reinvent Western art — and seduce a few lovely lasses in the process. As John Millais (Samuel Barnett), William Holman Hunt (Rafe Spall) and Dante Gabriel Rossetti (Aidan Turner) paint for fame and fortune, they quarrel over model Lizzie Siddal (Amy Manson) and other women.

Desperate Romantics (2009) mid-Victorian



And Then There Were None 2015 (TV Series) | UK Dec. 27, 2015


Ten strangers are invited to an isolated island by a mysterious host, and start to get killed one by one. Could one of them be the killer?
__ Agathy Christie

In three Acts (nights)

BBC / Acorn Productions

BBC Media Center on this film

Big Cast

Douglas Booth, Charles Dance, Maeve Dermody, Burn Gorman, Anna Maxwell Martin, Sam Neill, Miranda Richardson, Toby Stephens, Noah Taylor, Aidan Turner


And Then There Were None 2015 BBC Cast