A Peek at a new Historical Drama – The Noble Coachman

I have just recently self-published a new novel of Historical Romance, which includes paranormal and mystery. I am giving the preview to this site and will include the first three chapters in the weeks ahead.  The digital download is available on Amazon for 3.99 US

Website:  Gene Bohn Novels


On a day of beauty and celebration, the life of one young Viscount Trevor Caldwell is irrevocably set off course when a heinous tragedy besets upon his family. Questioning his role, self-imposed guilt is heaped upon him, Trevor elects to abandon his home and station. Now living in London, under a different name and occupation, he embarks on a path of worlds beyond the life he once knew, entrenched in mystery, intrigue, and a new chance for love. However, as he rides under the shroud of anonymity, he soon discovers that all roads lead back to that one horrid day. Led by clues, haunted by his memories, he determines to seek retribution. With all he holds dear, once again under threat he calls on himself and his allies, both living and departed, as he engineers a new path for redemption. But is this quest for revenge worth his nobility? His word? His honor?

One Night with the King 2006


 One Night with the King 2006
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Ancient (486-465BC)
 Historical, Biblical
 This biblical drama chronicles the legend of Hadassah, a beautiful Jewish orphan who rises to become Queen Esther of Persia and saves Persian Jews from genocide. By revealing her heritage to the king, Esther thwarts a plan to annihilate Jews.

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 Michael O. Sajbel
Writer / Screenplay:
 Stephan Blinn (screenplay)
Tommy Tenney & Mark Andrew Olsen (novel)
Major Cast:
 Tiffany Dupont,
John Rhys-Davies,
Luke Goss,
Film Locations:
 Dallas, Texas, USA
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
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One Night With the King 02


Luke Goss as Xerxes


One Night With the King 01 One Night With the King 03

Tiffany Dupont as Esther



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