First photos coming from the sets of new historical adventure MEDIEVAL which sees American actor Ben Foster playing Czech national hero and warlord Jan Zizka who was a powerful figure in the famous Hussite wars in the medieval times. With the massive budget of about $20 million, the new historical movie is currently shooting on the sets near Prague and around Czech republic. Superhunky Czech actor and judo champion Petr Jakl is both writing and directing the movie! He is not the only athlete in the production as legendary Czech decathlon world recorder Roman Sebrle is also in the cast!

William Moseley, Ben Foster and Michael Caine in the film!
Til Schweiger is the richest man in the country in the film!
William Moseley plays Jan’ brother, brave Jaroslav!


MEDIEVAL will follow their 14th century national hero Jan Zizka of Trocnov (Ben Foster), a revered military tactician who defeated armies of the Teutonic Order and the Holy Roman Empire. He is known for his innovative strategies and for quickly training peasants to face skilled and armoured opponents who usually outnumbered his own troops. The historical adventure film will also have another storyline which will revolve around his relationship with king’s lover, a rich heiress Catherine (Sophie Lowe), whom he is sent to save but unexpectedly falls in love with her, while another storyline will describe his fight against a rival king.


Ben Foster takes the lead role of Jan Zizka!
Matthew Goode plays King Sigismund of Hungary and Croatia
Michael Caine plays Lord Boresh in the medieval adventure!


Our favourite  William Moseley plays Jan’s brother Jaroslav, legendary Michael Caine is Lord Boresh  the right hand of Czech King Wenceslaus and German superstar Til Schweiger is Rosenberg, the richest lord in the kingdom. British thespian Matthew Goode will portray King Sigismund of Hungary and Croatia, the brother of Czech King Wenceslaus, and if my eyes are not playing with me he will have a blondish hair in the movie! Czech actor Karel Roden is playing King Wenceslaus himself!

Karel Roden is King Wenceslaus in the movie
Czech world record breaker Roman Sebrle plays one of the knights

Spoken in the English language.  Releases in 2019.  Unknown distribution and dates.

Born in Lanskroun, Czechoslovakia [now Czech Republic]
Nickname Séba
Height 6′ 1¼” (1.86 m)

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Roman Sebrle is an athlete from the Czech Republic. He is considered to be one of the best decathlon athletes of all time. Originally a high jumper, he competes in decathlon and heptathlon for team TJ Dukla Praha and is a former world record holder in the decathlon. In 2001 in Götzis he became the first decathlete ever to achieve over 9,000 points, setting the record at 9,026 points, succeeding his compatriot, Tomás Dvorák, who had scored 8,994 points two years earlier.

After placing second in the decathlon during the 2000 Summer Olympics, Sebrle won the gold medal in the 2004 Summer Olympics. Tradition dictates the winner of the decathlon holds the title of “World’s Greatest Athlete”. Sebrle has held the title five of the past seven years.

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