Jane Austen’s EMMA

BILL NIGHY, JOSH O’CONNOR, CALLUM TURNER, JOHNNY FLYNN, MIRANDA HART, GEMMA WHELAN JOIN ANYA TAYLOR JOY IN NEW MOVIE ADAPTATION OF JANE AUSTEN’S EMMA! JANE AUSTEN’S NEW ‘EMMA’ ROUNDS UP A STELLAR CAST! Anya Taylor Joy will lead the stellar cast! You probably remember that last Autumn your trusted spy told you that a new … Read moreJane Austen’s EMMA

Les Miserables’s First Trailer (no singing) Dec 30th

FIRST TRAILER FOR BBC & PBS EPIC TV SERIES LES MISERABLES WITH LILY COLLINS, DOMINIC WEST, JOSH O’CONNOR, OLIVIA COLMAN, DEREK JACOBI (For me the biggest draw to “yet another”  Les’ Miz is the fact that it is being done by Andrew Davis) ‘LES MISERABLES’ Les Miserables starts December 30th! BBC TV SERIES TRAILER IS … Read moreLes Miserables’s First Trailer (no singing) Dec 30th