The Warrior


INSPIRED BY BRUCE LEE             Release expected late 2018 or early 2019
Nice casting news for the new period set action series THE WARRIOR, a Bruce Lee inspired martial arts television saga by CinemaxFast and Furious Justin Lin will produce the Tong Wars ten episode series, inspired by the writings and work of martial arts icon Bruce Lee!

Kieran Bew will play Officer “Big Bill” O’Hara, a hard-drinking Irish cop charged with forming a Chinatown squad and Tom Weston Jones will be Richard Lee, a transplanted Southerner and rookie cop! Olivia Cheng will appear as Ah Toy, Chinatown’s most accomplished courtesan and madame, while Jason Tobin is Young Jun, the hard-partying son of a powerful tong boss. Dianne Doan will play Mai Ling, a beautiful and ruthless Chinese woman who, through sheer force of will, has achieved a position of power in one of the tongs! Dean Jagger will be Dan Leary, the unofficial godfather of the Irish community of San Francisco and leader of the Workingmen’s party. Christian McKay will govern San Francisco as Mayor Samuel Blake and Joanna Vanderham will portray Penelope Blake, the aristocratic heir to a railroad fortune trapped in a loveless marriage to the mayor! Joe Taslim is Li Yong, a tong Lieutenant and kung fu master while Langley Kirkwood will be Walter Buckley, a Civil War veteran and Deputy Mayor with his own political aspirations! Perry Yung is Father Jun, the leader of the most powerful tong in Chinatown.

Beowulf’s Kieran Bew leads the cast

The Story of the Warrior

will be set against the backdrop of the brutal Tong Wars in San Francisco’s Chinatown in the late 1800s! The cast is led by Andrew Koji as Ah Sahm, a martial arts prodigy who travels from China to San Francisco and ends up becoming a hatchet man for the most powerful tong in Chinatown!

Joe Taslim is a kung fu master!
You watched Tom Weston Jones in Dickensian & in BBC’s upcoming Troy
Game of Thrones’ Dean Jagger will be an Irish ruffian!
Dominion’s Langley Kirkwood will be an ambitious deputy major!

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Red Cliff 2008

Written by     John Woo
Chan Khan
Kuo Cheng
Sheng Heyu

Tony Leung
Takeshi Kaneshiro
Zhang Fengyi
Chang Chen
Zhao Wei
Hu Jun
Shido Nakamura
Lin Chi-ling

Part I

In the summer of 208, towards the end of the Eastern Han dynasty, the Chancellor, Cao Cao, leads the imperial army on a campaign to eliminate the southern warlords Sun Quan and Liu Bei, whom he denounces as “rebels”. Emperor Xian reluctantly approves the campaign. Cao Cao’s mighty army swiftly conquers Jing Province. The Battle of Changban is ignited when Cao Cao’s cavalry starts attacking civilians on an exodus led by Liu Bei. During the battle, Liu Bei’s followers, including his sworn brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, give an excellent display of their combat skills by holding off the enemy while buying time for the civilians to retreat. The warrior Zhao Yun fights bravely to rescue Liu Bei’s entrapped family but only succeeds in rescuing Liu’s infant son.

Following the battle, Liu Bei’s advisor, Zhuge Liang, goes on a diplomatic mission to Jiangdong to form an alliance between his lord and Sun Quan against Cao Cao. Sun Quan was initially in the midst of a dilemma of whether to surrender or fight back, but his decision to resist Cao Cao hardens after Zhuge Liang’s clever persuasion and a subsequent tiger hunt with his viceroy Zhou Yu and his sister Sun Shangxiang. Meanwhile, Cai Mao and Zhang Yun, two naval commanders from Jing Province, pledge allegiance to Cao Cao, who puts them in command of his navy.

After the hasty formation of the Sun–Liu alliance, the forces of Liu Bei and Sun Quan call for a meeting to formulate a plan to counter Cao Cao’s army, which is rapidly advancing towards their base at Red Cliff from both land and water. The battle begins with Sun Shangxiang leading some riders to lure Cao Cao’s vanguard force into the allies’ Bagua Formation. The vanguard force is defeated by the allies but Cao Cao shows no disappointment and proceeds to lead his main army to the riverbank directly opposite Red Cliff, where they make camp. While the allies throw a banquet to celebrate their victory, Zhuge Liang conceives a plan to send Sun Shangxiang on an espionage mission to Cao Cao’s camp. They maintain contact by sending messages via a pigeon. The film ends with Zhou Yu lighting his miniaturised battleships on a map based on the battle formation.


Red Cliff 2 – 2009