Robin Hood: The Rebellion


While we re waiting for the Robin Hood movie withTaron Egerton and Jamie Dornan to hit the big screens around the world later this November, there is another movie project on the same topic coming to theatres around you this year!
You can check out the first poster and trailer for ROBIN HOOD: THE REBELLION which will see British TV actor Ben Freeman playing the famous avenger who is trying to free his beloved Maid Marian (played by Marie Everett) from evil and cunning Sheriff of Nottingham (played by James Oliver Wheatley)! Legendary Brian Blessed is Friar Tuck, James G. Nunn is Will Scarlett with James Groom as Guy of Gisborne. The movie was both directed and written by Nicholas Winter.

Ben Freeman plays Robin Hood in this version


The New ROBIN HOOD – images from Sherwood

Releases September 21, 2018 US
Epic bliss and splendour today, my spylings, with new photos from some of this year’s upcoming historical movies arriving for your pleasure and delight!  Earlier last year you  saw the first photos from the latest big screen version of ROBIN HOOD and now the studio has released a bunch of new ones and there is one thing that will immediately pop into your eyes – the costumes will obviously have a certain edge differing from what you might expect from good old Mediaeval times
Young Taron Egerton takes the role of the legendary archer
Ben Mendelsohn is the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham


Directed by Otto Bathurst, this gritty new take on the classic Robin Hood story will see young Taron Egerton playing the legendary archer from the Sherwood forest, with Jamie Foxx as Little John, the leader of outlaws group Merry Men. Eve Hewson appears in the film as Maid Marian while Jamie Dornan is Will Scarlet, half brother of Hood, member of Merry Men, and  husband of Marian. Ben Mendelsohn is the villain as the Sheriff of Nottingham with Paul Anderson as Guy of Gisborne! Tim Minchin is Friar Tuck, Josh Herdman is Righteous and Björn Bengtsson is Tydon!
Jamie Foxx plays Little John the leader of Merry Men
Eve Hewson is the new Maid Marian