Reminiscence 2019

As Deadline reports today, it seems that Australian superstar Hugh Jackman and White Queen star Rebecca Ferguson will work together

The movie is to start shooting this Autumn

again after The Greatest ShowmanWestworld executive producer Lisa Joy apparently wants to make her directorial debut out of science fiction adventure REMINISCENCE that she has scripted herself.


In the futuristic movie, Hugh Jackman will play a private detective and a psychologist who deals in recapturing vivid cherished memories for clients. When a mysterious new female client (Rebecca Ferguson) arrives seeking his help it becomes the beginning of an epic romance but when she suddenly disappears he finds himself lost without her and has to unravel her past layer by layer in order to

Rebecca Ferguson will play the mysterious lady Hugh falls for.

find her. The story is set slightly in the future in a Miami that has been changed by global warming, with much of the city submerged underwater. The project will be offered to major studios next week in Berlin.