Saints and Strangers – Fall 2015 – National Georgraphic

Saints and Strangers

2099160_saints-strangers-a-first-look1_4leclpcho7glutgywthe4vwotx7az26p5x2cku56mb3givpevdra_423x567Set to air in fall 2015, Saints & Strangers — Nat Geo’s first scripted miniseries — tells the story behind the founding of America, chronicling the trials and tribulations of the 101 men, women and children who boarded the Mayflower for a one-way trip to the New World.

Natgeo channelHalf of these “pilgrims” were religious separatists who had abandoned their prior lives for religious freedom and an opportunity to create a new social order built on their values. The other half, “adventurers,” were mostly single males seeking financial opportunity and a rapid acquisition of wealth in a new land, or trying to escape their old identities or criminal pasts.

The message of the mini is that these two groups — the spiritual and the mercenary — continue to define the American character to this day as the personal struggles endured while working to establish their new way of life in America shaped the early DNA of our nation. And intertwined with their complex inner struggles is the relationship with the Native Americans, and the conflicting allegiances among these groups, culminating in trials of assimilation, faith and compromise that to this day define our country.

“Given our early success with our scripted fare, further strengthened by the recent record ratings of Killing Jesus, we wanted to find our next brand-definitional scripted television event. And we found that in Saints & Strangers, which is the ultimate story of adventure and exploration,” said National Geographic Channels CEO Courteney Monroe.

Sony TV’s EVP Movies and Miniseries Helen Verno called Saints & Strangers “a vivid, never-before-seen perspective of the origins of our nation.” Added Little Engine Productions’ Grant Scharbo and Gina Matthews, “This is about exploring human endeavor, creating powerful emotional connections, giving this historical event a little bit of heart.”