King Lear with Anthony Hopkins

 BBC SETS DATE FOR ‘KING LEAR’ WITH ANTHONY HOPKINS, EMMA THOMPSON, EMILY WATSON! Anthony Hopkins’ TV movie KING LEAR which will air on BBC Two Monday 28th May! You can check out the trailer below the post! THE BURDEN OF BEING A KING Set in the fictional present, the 80 year old King Lear (Anthony Hopkins) divides … Read moreKing Lear with Anthony Hopkins

1st KING LEAR photo

FOR ANTHONY HOPKINS SUPER STELLAR TV DRAMA! Anthony Hopkins and Florence Pugh BBC and Amazon have revealed first photo of Anthony Hopkins as KING LEAR and Florence Pugh as his youngest daughter Cordelia from the latest TV movie adaptation! Hopkins plays a fictional present ruler, presiding over a totalitarian military dictatorship in England. Emma Thompson is his eldest daughter Goneril, Emily Watson is Regan, Jim Broadbent is … Read more1st KING LEAR photo

The Terror – Meet the Characters (AMC tv Series)

The Terror starts March 26th Monday Although winter is slowly giving up, your trusted spy predicts frost and ice later this month when wintery new mini-series THE TERROR starts overtly at AMC on March 26th! You can feast your eyes today on the first character photos and atmospheric posters from the 19th-century epic thriller featuring a rather stellar cast … Read moreThe Terror – Meet the Characters (AMC tv Series)

“The Terrror” New Photos from AMC’s Epic 19th Century Horror Series

‘ STARRING CIARAN HINDS, TOBIAS MENZIES, MATTHEW MCNULTY  Just an update for you on one of 2018’s most anticipated epic television series! The spy has found a few new photos from AMC century horror thriller action series THE TERROR which will bring suspense to the small screens Monday, March 26th! Click on the photos for a better … Read more“The Terrror” New Photos from AMC’s Epic 19th Century Horror Series

Anton Chekhov’s The Duel (2009)

  Anton Chekhov authored his novella The Duel in 1891; one of the longest of the Russian master’s tales, it pits an aristocratic ne’er-do-well named Laevsky against a conceited and slightly arrogant scientist called Von Koren, and witnesses a climactic physical struggle between the two men. This film adaptation from Georgian director Dover Kosashvili follows … Read moreAnton Chekhov’s The Duel (2009)