The Dark Valley 2014

The Dark Valley 2014

Directed by     Andreas Prochaska
Written by     Martin Ambrosch, Andreas Prochaska
Running time :90 minutes
Country     Austria, Germany

Sam Riley as Greider
Tobias Moretti as Hans Brenner
Helmuth Häusler as Hubert Brenner
Martin Leutgeb as Otto Brenner
Johannes Nikolussi as Rudolf Brenner
Clemens Schick as Luis Brenner
Florian Brückner as Edi Brenner
Hans-Michael Rehberg as Brenner
Erwin Steinhauer as Breiser
Paula Beer as Luzi

There is an English speaking version.


Sam Riley has an uncanny resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio

Sam Riley 2014 The Dark Valley
Sam Riley 2014 The Dark Valley

Synopsis by Jason Buchanan

A solitary stranger appears in a mountain village high in the Alps, stirring unease among the locals as he frigid winds of winter blow in. Subsequently taken in by the local patriarch, the mysterious newcomer becomes the subject of grim speculation after two of his host’s sons perish under mysterious circumstances.


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