The Enfield Poltergiest

Not exactly a period drama, but some may find interest.  1977 One of the most documented accounts of poltergeist activity in the UK is investigated. Based on real events.

3 Episodes.  Airs in UK on May 03, 2015 (sky LIVING)

Stars Matthew MacFadyen an Timothy Spall

The series is based on Guy Lyon Playfair’s book, This House Is Haunted and is about a series of bizarre events around the phenomena known as ‘The Enfield Poltergeist’ that took place at a council house in 1977. The drama draws upon recordings and witness statements to draw the audience in to the unfolding supernatural events.

Matthew Macfadyen will play the Guy Lyon Playfair, an experienced but skeptic investigator. Timothy Spall plays Maurice Grosse, a rookie paranormal researcher. BAFTA nominated Juliet Stevenson also joins the cast to play Maurice’s wife Betty Grosse in the hugely anticipated new series.



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