THE GREAT FIRE (of London) 2014

The Great Fire 2014 (c.1666)
After a very long wait British ITV has finally released a teaser for their upcoming new historical series THE GREAT FIRE which will air this Autumn. Starring Andrew Buchan, Rose Leslie, Charles Dance, Daniel Mays, Jack Huston and Oliver Jackson Cohen,
4 episode series





THE GREAT FIRE tells the story of exhausted baker Thomas Farriner who forgets to close his ovens, sparking a terrible blaze which threatens to destroy 17th century London. Family members are lost amongst the fleeing crowds whilst desperate refugees fight, loot and riot to survive. Amid the horror, the personal stories of those caught in the disaster stand out against the flames; Frantic with worry, Sarah, a penniless widow searches for her missing son; Famous diarist Samuel Pepys’ burning ambition to become the King’s confidant threatens his marriage more than the blaze outside his door; A pleasure-seeking King struggles to tame his wild side and become the leader his people need. At the heart of the story is the tragic baker, distracted by an agonising dilemma, who makes a simple mistake with devastating consequences.

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