The Halcyon on ITV. New period drama

Introducing ITV’s new period drama set in a fancy hotel – could this be the new Downton?0 By Eleanor Bley GriffithsFriday 9 December 2016 at 10:59AM

What better place to set a TV drama than a London hotel? All those guests coming and going while the staff manage crisis after crisis… the potential is huge. Add in the Second World War and you get ITV’s new series, The Halcyon.

With a little bit of Downton Abbey and a little bit of Mr Selfridge in the mix, ITV are hoping for a period drama ratings hit. The show focuses on the workings of classy hotel The Halcyon in the run-up to the Blitz, with plenty of political intrigue, betrayal, infidelity – as well as storylines featuring inter-racial relationships and homosexual love.

What time will The Halcyon be on ITV?The eight-part drama series will begin on January 2nd at 9pm on ITV

Who stars in The Halcyon?Having revealed her powerful singing voice for The Sound of Music, Kara Tointon plays the hotel bar’s singer Betsey Day. Steven Mackintosh is hotel manager Mr Garland, while his boss Lord Hamilton is played by Alex Jennings (you might recognise him as Victoria’s King Leopold, or The Crown’s Duke of Windsor – Jennings is fast becoming one of the most familiar faces in the world of period drama). The glorious Olivia Williams is his wife Lady Hamilton, while their sons Freddie and Toby are played by Jamie Blackley and Edward Bluemel. Hermione Corfield has a breakout role as Emma Garland (working in the family business) while Matt Ryan – best known for starring in Constantine – puts on an American accent to play journalist Joe O’Hara.

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