The Modern Gentleman

This is a list of what a woman looks for today in a Gentleman.

01. Respectful – Educated – Courteous – Punctual – Always Well Groomed – Polite

02. Seats himself last when a group goes out to diner or other group occasions

03. Tips well and discreetly

04. Does not curse, interrupt, speak loudly or lose his temper

05. Does not laugh at others mistakes or embarrassments

06. Does not groom himself in public

07. Always insists on carrying or doing the heavier part of any job

08. Generous where he can be

09. Any affection is done privately, with the exception of an arm around the waist, hand holding and a peck on the cheek.

10. Only light social drinking

11. Has an approachable demeanor, smiles, makes good conversation. (Though we may love the brooding Darcy, he was initially accused of behavior unbecoming a gentleman.)

12. Has an air of confidence about him in the way he speaks and carries himself, without appearing conceited, arrogant, or superior.

13. Holds doors open until the rest of his party have entered or exited.

14. Knows how to disagree without being disagreeable.

15. Keeps his language and humour clean – no cheesy lines or dirty jokes, especially in the presence of elders.

16. When necessary offers his seat to another.

17. Always lowers the toilet seat after using it.

18. Does random acts of kindness without being asked and without expecting anything in return.