The Reclusive Aristocrat – Part Sixty-Six

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Crestwell Abbey, Cumberland, April 17th, 1816

Rowena laid both of her hands on his beloved face. “Alex, I love you so much. I now know that what I felt for Johnston was not love at all, only infatuation. You are my true and only love, Alex, my strong, handsome husband.”

Alex had only one question. “What can you have seen in me to have you love me, Rowie?”

She had only one answer. “I have seen you, my love. You, the man with the very large heart filled to the brim with love and commitment for everything and everyone that needs his help.”

Rowena swallowed as tenderness threatened to close her throat. “Alex, my love, when you rescued me from a cold and certain death, when I felt your strong arms around me, when I came to rest against your warm, strong chest, I knew I had come home at last. I needed someone to give me back my purpose in life. I was lost and you made me find myself again. But … as I discovered soon enough, you needed rescuing, too. You were lost when you were forced to end your life as a soldier, so lost that you retired here and shut out the world.”

“That is so true, my darling. I lost all hope after Waterloo, but having you here restored my interest in the rest of my life. Thank you for rescuing me, my love.”

“No, Alex, thank God for giving us the chance to rescue each other.”

She threw her arms around him and fiercely kissed him.

And he kissed her back with all his love singing in his heart.  And, of course, exchanging heated kisses was not enough.

Rowena shivered when Alex drew her to her feet, turned her around, and began unbuttoning her gown. Kissing his way down her exposed back, he let his hands glide to her front and lifted the gown away from her. Good Lord! Rowena gasped in anticipation when he skimmed the top of her corset with his thumbs until her nipples were hard inside the stiff material. The blood was pounding in her ears as he started undoing her laces. She arched her back and lifted her arms to permit him to remove her corset. Thrilling sparks were swirling through her breasts and abdomen, all the way down to her core. She felt hot and wet there, pulsing in need for him. A low moan escaped her when he drew her shift over her head, then he scooped her up to lay her on their bed. The only items of clothing that remained were her drawers and stockings. Her drawers were wet with desire, and she put a hand against her core, gasping when a spear of desire ran through her.

Alex heard it and felt a hot, satisfying stab of masculine pride. She wanted him as much as he wanted her, but he was not going to rush things, not now. Positioning himself at the foot of the bed, he stretched out his arms.

“Come, my love. Uncover me, please.” He had used his most throaty voice, and it had not been hard to do that. His wife rose to her knees and came toward him. Slowly, she began unbuttoning his coat, touching her breasts as she did so. Holy Christ, but she had learned a thing or two in their marriage! When his coat was off, she started with his waistcoat, stroking her belly with slow movements, leaving him so aroused he had to draw on his control as best as he could. Minx! Dear, sexy minx …

When Rowena reached for his shirt buttons, she was so thoroughly aroused that she almost hurt down there. It was an immense relief to be able to let her hands roam over his broad chest, smooth velvet over granite. Oh, how splendid he was! Her next task was to free him from his trousers and cradle his engorged manhood. She heard his gasp of pleasure when she took his balls into her hands, massaging and stroking them softly.

“Christ, Rowie … stop or I swear I will come into your hands …”

“Oh, but we cannot permit that, can we, my love?” She retreated to the head of the bed and lay down on her back. “Let us do away with all these interfering items of clothing, my lover”, she purred and began stripping off her drawers.

Alex swallowed as he toed off his shoes, then pulled off his stockings. Rowena was doing the same in a slow, languorous way that brought saliva to his parched mouth. He was naked when she finally spread her legs, exposing herself to him. In seconds, he was on top of her, entering her with one swift thrust. She came immediately and hard, crying out in delight, and he followed her, roaring in extasy, when his seed gushed into her. So far for proceeding slowly, he winced. But oh, how delicious this had been.

Spent and exhausted, Alex turned onto his side, taking Rowena with him. They snuggled spoon-wise under the covers, and he buried his nose into her glorious dark hair. “Rowie, I love you so much … I love you, love you, love you …”

Rowena chuckled and turned toward him, never leaving the cocoon of his arms. “And I love you, Alex. Very, very much.”

She paused, kissed his stubble-strewn chin and sighed. “When I first spoke to you in the library, I was actually relieved that you could not see me. I am sorry, Alex, but there it is. When you offered me your hand because you deemed it unwise that I should stand overlong in my condition, but … do you remember that moment, dearest?”

“Yes,” Alec said hoarsely, “oh, yes. You took my hand, and a jolt of awareness shot up my entire arm. Christ, Rowie, it scared me out of my wits.”

“I had the same experience, my love. I was instantly attracted to you and scolding myself for my silly reaction. I would scold myself many times after until I realized I was in love with you.”

“Oh, and when was that, my beauty?”

“Oh, no, it is your turn now, my lord! I have bared my heart enough to you!”

Her laugh tinkled so happily that Alex felt a distinctive tug at his heart. “I think you know very well when exactly you captured my heart, love.” His voice almost broke as he remembered the moment.

“No,” she whispered, “please, tell me.”

Alex kissed the top of her little pert nose, marvelling that she had to ask. “Do you remember when I asked you if you would allow me to feel you with my fingers?”

A rosy hue flushed her entire face, causing him to be aroused once more. She was so beautiful, so innocent and spontaneous, his dear little wife.

“That was rather clever of me, was it not? Although, at the time, I got what I deserved, my love. I fell deeply in love with the feel of your lovely face. God, Rowie, you do not know how fiercely I wanted to kiss you then and there.”

“So it was love at the first feel, was it?” she whispered, caressing his beloved face with a gentle hand.

“It was …,” he croaked, laying his hand over hers.

They fell silent for a while, just enjoying being together. Being in love with each other.

Then Rowena whispered the words he so longed to hear.

“Let us go home, dearest. To Ketteridge House …”

The End


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