The Wings of a Dove 1997

In 1910 London, England, Kate Croy (Helena Bonham Carter) lives under the careful watch of her domineering Aunt Maude (Charlotte Rampling), who is determined that the young woman does not follow in the path of her recently deceased mother, whose dissolute husband, Lionel (Michael Gambon), squandered her wealth in order to support his opium addiction. Maude wants Kate to marry the well-off Lord Mark (Alex Jennings), who has a title and estates, despite the fact that Kate does not love him. Kate is dependent on her wealthy aunt’s goodwill but abandons her plans to defy her aunt when she is reminded that her father is at Maud’s mercy as well. Kate’s boyfriend, the financially struggling muckraking journalist Merton Densher (Linus Roache), wants to marry her, but is skeptical of Kate’s intentions. despite her pleas for him to wait as she tries to find a way out of her dilemma.

Based on Henry James novel by the same name.  Era 1910 Edwardian