Three Lions

The series will have international cast!

While we are waiting for his epic series Catherine the Great to air at HBO sometime this year, Nigel Williams has, as Deadline reports, teamed with European Wild Horses on an epic period drama focused around King Richard I.

THREE LIONS would be a ten-part 12th-century series which begins when King Richard I is shipwrecked somewhere off the coast of Trieste and his disappearance starts an epic struggle across Europe for its most powerful crown. His lawful heir Prince Arthur is being denied the throne of England by his own grandmother, Eleanor of Aquitaine who, as Regent Queen, has no intention of relinquishing her power and wants to keep the Regent position by putting her other son John Lackland on the throne. But Arthur’s mother, Duchess Constance, the ruler of Brittany, will certainly stand in her way. To claim the crown and become the most powerful King in Europe Arthur needs to stay alive, outwit the opposition and choose his friends wisely. Meanwhile, the Machiavellian King Phillip of France sees an opportunity and is maneuvering to take advantage of the English crown for himself. The series will be shot next year in Europe with an international cast!