Tom Jones Epic Series


Massive news coming from ITV today! They will join Mammoth Screen, who is doing Victoria, Poldark and Vanity Fair, in adapting classic novel TOM JONES into a new period set series! The raunchy 1749 novel from Henry Fielding follows often very scandalous and bawdy sexual exploits and merry adventures of the young and good hearted 18th century foundling Tom Jones in a story full of twists and surprises. As ‘Radio Times’ reports, the project hasn’t been officially greenlit yet, but it is expected to start shooting next year. Screenwriter Gwyneth Hughes who is penning the project thinks the story is ideal for current atmosphere as Tom never sleeps with women who don’t want him and is always a perfect gentleman! According to rumours, the studio is negotiating with a big star to take the lead role!

It could be ITV’s new period set saga

1997 Adaptation

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