VICTORIA S2 – First Look

VICTORIA epic series released today to celebrate Victoria’s Day. It shows a scene from the
christening of Victoria’s (Jenna Coleman) and prince Albert’s (Tom Hughes) first child that was born at the end of the first season.
The second season will see her expand her family with new babies (she had nine kids in total) while trying to balance family life with her royal duties in mid 1800’s. Prince Albert is, meanwhile, still struggling to find a suitable role for himself in their marriage and in the kingdom. VICTORIA will also face the Irish potato blight of 1845, where more than a million people died and people hated her calling her the famine queen cause she donated just 2000 pounds. When it returns this Autumn, with eight episodes plus a two hour Christmas special, VICTORIA will also have some new actors in the cast, Diana Rigg as the new Duchess at court and Victoria’s new Mistress of the Robes and Martin Compston to name two. David Oakes returns as everybody’s favourite charmer Prince Earnest, Albert’s brother.